Virgin Atlantic’s Refurbished Fleet.

November 18, 2013 at 8:42 PM

This is the first chance I have had to write about my last trip to Orlando on VA's remodelled fleet. We flew both out and back on a refurbished 747. I must say, the updates have breathed some new life into the aircraft as far as comfort is concerned. The seats are more comfortable, the lighting is better and the star of it all is the new In Flight Entertainment (IFE). It is an on demand system you can choose from a huge selection of films, TV and music. There are maps and flight data, games such as hold ‘em poker where you play against other passengers.

When choosing to watch a film or TV program you can control it with pause, rewind fast forward. It is so much better than the previous system. Headphones are provided free of charge but I do know many people choose to use their own because the quality of the free ones is not too good. As long as you have a standard single pin jack plug. Another reason some people use their own is to be able to use noise cancelling features.

The outward flight itself was good and I have to say the meal was surprisingly tasty. The only downside to the flight was when we arrived in Orlando airspace, MCO was closed due to severe thunderstorms over the airport, which I suppose is to be expected at that time of year, end of August. So we went south of Orlando and circled around for roughly an hour until we were cleared in to land.

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